Barbara Bonner

In fringe she trusts (and so do we). Barbara Bonner, accessories designer extraordinaire, draws her inspirations from nomadic experiences traveling the globe. Mixing her time between Verona and London with her “mini me” daughter Mia and interior designer partner Ziggy, we caught up with them at their Victorian terrace home on a leafy street in Queens Park, London.


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Get The Look


A: ‘Stockholm’ Dress by Mario Ruiz at Twenty Twenty One – £2,943

B: Missoni ‘Husky’ Throw from Heals – £238

C:‘Gemstone’ fabric by Jim Thompson

D: Eames Aluminium Chair from Skandiun – £2,891

E: Children’s Puppy from Aram – £52.50

F: Russ Lewis ‘Vanity’ Picture from Abigail Ahern – £179

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