Luke Edward Hall’s Hermes Watch

I’d never worn a watch until a few months ago, when the one in this image was presented to me as an unexpected gift. It’s a vintage Hermès piece, perhaps twenty or thirty years old, and it was love at first site. I hadn’t worn a watch for two main reasons: I’d never seen one I liked very much (all too chunky and sporty and shiny) and most just didn’t fit. Small wrists, you see… But I’d often be looking around for one here and there, just on the off chance. This battered old one turned up in its funny little box and it was just perfect – look at the painted yellow numbers! The blue face! The second hand with its orange tip! So much charm and character and to me, it looks as if it came straight out of a Wes Anderson movie. The first watch shop I walked into the next day had just one orange leather strap left in stock (I knew that it had to be orange). It was the ideal match. It feels strange when I’m not wearing it these days. It really is the watch for me, picked up on eBay by someone who knows me very well indeed. It isn’t big or flashy, it didn’t cost a huge amount, it definitely can’t tell me what the date is and to be honest, it can barely even tell the time (it loses a good ten minutes each day and counting), but it’s a wonderful thing and I love it exactly the way it is.


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