Rory Dobner’s Pocket Watch


“Some years ago, I was walking down a backstreet in Aylesbury when I came across a little old shop of curiosities. I ventured in with a mind to seek out a gentleman’s pocket watch and, after some time spent exploring, I found the perfect timepiece. Excitedly I took it to the shopkeeper, only to discover I did not have enough to buy it. The kindly man reached into his own pocket, drawing out another example within my own, meagre price range, owing to its cracked lens and worn condition. Despite this, it was beautiful to me, so I hurriedly bought it and went on my way. On the train home, examining my new pocket watch, it occurred to me to ink little ants onto the clock face to illustrate the infinite march of time. This unlocked a flood of ideas and I went on to draw many other creatures on different products, including ceramics, photos and books, which has ultimately formed the basis for my commercial business, Rory Dobner Ltd.”

Pocket Watch

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